meet the artist

yerrrrrr! hi friend! my name is adelle, but all the pals call me dippy, or dip for short. i am the sole creator of dippygirl art, a womxn & LGBTQIA+ owned resin business located in beautiful rochester, new york. after experimenting with resin out of pandemic boredom, i officially launched dippygirl art on nov 13, 2020. i create lots of fun + functional art; ashtrays, rolling trays, earrings, lash cases, and everyone’s favorite hair accessory - dip clipz! 
dip clipz = lots of fun 
dip clipz are inspired by myself, my life, thoughts, feelings, and moments that have shaped me into who i am now and who i am ever becoming. they are a direct extension of my heart and brain, created with intention, love, and self in mind. i hope that dip clipz bring you as much joy when you wear them as i experienced while creating them! i hope they make you feel special, unique, fabulous and totally super hot and cool! because you ARE!
 i am constantly learning and moving forward in my life, and i want dippygirl art to serve as a space for artful expression, community, collective growth, and expansion. over this last year, i have been lucky enough to connect with myself and my inner child in so many sweet and healing ways, and i cannot express how much joy it brings me to create things that i know my younger self would’ve absolutely loved.
 i am discovering so much about what it means to be vulnerable, what it means to put myself out there, and what it means to be confident and fully embrace myself. i hate to be corny and cheesy (omg i love corn and also cheese yum!) but growing and feeling and moving forward and changing are such an incredible parts of our existence, and i feel immensely lucky to be able to process and heal in the form of cute hair accessories, of all things. 
all the love 
thank you so much for supporting me, for allowing me the space to grow, and for any ounce of time and energy you have given myself and my lil business. i will never be able to convey the joy and gratitude that i feel every single day knowing that i get to wake up and be dippygirl art! thank you for believing in me before i believed in myself, and for giving me a chance to be the girlboss of my DREAMS! i owe ya the world. <3

♡ xoxo, dippygirl ♡

**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ dip's diary ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*

senior year of college, my poetry professor had us keep casual journals of our quick thoughts, things we heard, emotions we felt, ideas we had. he called this our 'bits journal'; gathering small fragments, or bits, day by day, into one chaotic masterpiece showcasing these fleeting moments in our lives, the inner monologues we share with ourselves. i've always been a writer, keeping diaries from a very young age. this is my new age diary, my real life notes app, my private bits journal, shared with you for (hopefully) your entertainment. enjoy these bits from the last year and a half. thx for reading <3